St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

Admissions 2017-2018


Children may start school in the Reception class in the September following their FOURTH birthday. 

Applications for Reception class places at St Teresa’s Catholic Primary School must be made on a common application form to the Local Authority (LA) in which the child lives. 


The common application form must be returned to the relevant LA and NOT to the school.  All parents are given the opportunity to rank up to three schools as their preferred school for their child.


Applications made during the school year for children already of school age (called in-year applications) must be made directly to the school.  An in-year application form can be obtained from the school office and should be completed and returned to school.  The Governors Admissions Committee will consider all applications and give the reason for any refusal in writing.


Reception – September 2017

If you have a child who was born between 1 September 2012 and 31 August 2013 now is the time to apply for a place with Bristol City Council, this can be done online at  If your child is Baptised Catholic, a copy of a baptismal certificate or equivalent validation should be sent to school by 15 January 2017.

Applications must be returned to school and Bristol City Council by midnight on 15 January 2017 .


If you were not offered a place at St Teresa's and wish to appeal against this decision please click on the link below for further information

Appeal timeline



For a copy of our admissions policy please click on the link below.


St Teresa's Admission Pack 2017/2018



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