St Teresa's Catholic Primary School


Letters from School Office

 Please click on the links below to access the letters you wish to view.

9/10/18 Parent/Teacher Consultations All
8/10/18 Cadbury Camp Y3
5/10/18 Pupil Premium All
4/10/18 Responsible Internet Use Y2  & KS2
4/10/18 Pantomime All
1/10/18 Nationality & Country of Birth Rec & new starters
1/10/18 Head Lice Y2
17/9/18 UWE Year 6
6/9/18 Museum Y2
6/9/18 Pizza Express  Y4
6/9/18 Trips All
5/9/18 Stranger Danger All
4/9/18  Swimming Y3 & Y6

We try to meet specific requests for letters, eg confirming a pupil’s attendance, however 2 days notice is required in these cases.