St Teresa's Catholic Primary School



Term 4



Under the sea -The Rainbow Fish

This term in the Reception class family, we have been learning about different aspects of life under the sea - what animals you can find and what colours you see. We started the term with a trip to the aquarium where we learnt about a variety of sea creatures. Did you know that dolphins sleep using only half of their brain and with only one eye open so they can watch for predators and other threats?

We have also focused on the fiction storybook ‘The Rainbow Fish’ and the non-fiction book ‘Surprising Sharks’. We have looked at our own experiences of eating fish, seeing fish and having fish as pets. We even got our own class pet fish called Sushi! As part of our learning we also studied creatures closely – observing similarities, differences, patterns and change. We studied the marine and rock pool area outside, comparing the environment of fish with our environment.

In our role play area we constructed a pirate ship and everyone helped to decorate the pirate ship by painting. We explored ocean colours with paints and water, exploring shades of colour and working on large sheets of paper. Add collage for light and texture.


In PE we were experimenting with different ways of moving - we learnt how to move like a crab, a fish and a shark.


Term 5


This term in Reception, we have been learning about the story of ‘What the Ladybird Heard’. In particular, we have studying the characters in the story and the setting for the story. We made wanted posters and described what the robbers looked like. We then used eye masks and maps to role play the story. We even created our own maps and retold the story using different characters. It was lots of fun!

In mathematics, we have been working on addition and subtraction. We used the spots on the ladybird and the characters from the story to help us with this.

In PE, we have been exploring dynamic balance to agility. We have also been learning how to run- just in time for sports day!  

We have also been finding out more about dinosaurs and dinosaur bones. To help with this, we turned the dig pit into a dinosaur museum and used role play to ‘dig for dinosaur bones’. We examined and experimented with different colours of paints to give colour to the rocks and stones.

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