St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

Year 1

Term 1

Last term we carried out a science investigation entitled ‘If I can’t see it I don’t know what it is’.

We had to blindfold each other and use our other senses to guess the mystery object. We had lots of fun and we concluded that it was possible to work out what something was even without our sense of sight. We loved smelling the oranges but the onion was horrible!

As part of our history topic we had to find out about the past. We had a special elderly visitor who told us lots about her life as a child. She showed us toys that were over 75 years old.  We were able to ask her lots of questions and learnt that life then was very different to now.

As always we have been learning lots in Maths and English. We can already spell lots of our common exception words and use resources to help us solve calculations in maths.