St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

Year 1

Term 1

Last term we carried out a science investigation entitled ‘If I can’t see it I don’t know what it is’.

We had to blindfold each other and use our other senses to guess the mystery object. We had lots of fun and we concluded that it was possible to work out what something was even without our sense of sight. We loved smelling the oranges but the onion was horrible!

As part of our history topic we had to find out about the past. We had a special elderly visitor who told us lots about her life as a child. She showed us toys that were over 75 years old.  We were able to ask her lots of questions and learnt that life then was very different to now.

As always we have been learning lots in Maths and English. We can already spell lots of our common exception words and use resources to help us solve calculations in maths.


Term 2

During Term 2 the children had a very exciting trip to ‘We the Curious’ in Bristol. They explored every inch of the science centre! They found out many unusual and amazing facts and explored all the exciting hand-on activities! Can you spot Kacper inside a bubble? During the visit, the children entered the Planetarium in darkness and were then treated to an amazing show about the night time sky!  The children also looked in detail at Van Gogh’s ‘A Starry Night’ painting and then painted their own version. You can see how focused they were when painting. The finished paintings were just as good as Van Gogh’s original!


Term 3

During Term 3 the children learnt about position. They used the small world animals and positioned them in various ways – behind, in front of, to the left, to the right etc... of objects. The children were also introduced to Base 10 which really helped them learn about how many 10s and how many 1s there are in numbers.


The children spent a lot of time in Term 3 learning all about meerkats. They thoroughly enjoyed reading Meerkat Mail and loved meeting the real meerkats at Noah’s Ark Farm where they got to feed them worms and insects! The children wrote their own fact book all about meerkats and the meerkat keeper at the farm was amazed at how knowledgeable the children were.

Our DT work in Year 1 involved the children designing an animal puppet, practising their sewing skills and then finally cutting out their puppet, sewing it together and adding on the design details. Just look at the amazing results!

Term 4

Term 4 was an exciting term!

We were mathematicians learning to order things according to their length and their weight. We also solved the puzzle for Teddy as to how many cherries he would get for breakfast, lunch, tea and supper if he quartered his 12 cherries. Can you see how many he would get for each meal?

Lots of us took turns taking The Lion Inside home to share with our families. These are some of our responses.

We ended the term with our Danceathon from which the school raised lots of money for our two charities – St. Peter’s Hospice and Worldwide Cancer Research. Look how we enjoyed our dance in the hall!

Term 5

During Term 5, Year 1 had an exciting walk to Monks Park. They looked at the lovely trees that were in blossom as part of the science curriculum. The children had to imagine that  Beegu the space alien from our book had crash landed in Monks Park. They had great fun using their imaginations to guess what objects in the park Beegu would have tried to make friends with. We then returned to school and the children wrote some amazing stories.

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