St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

Year 2



Term 4


This term our topic has been ‘Journeys’ with a focus on the poem The Owl and the Pussycat by Edward Lear.

In English we retold The Owl and the Pussycat through story making. We created our own actions for the poem in groups to help us remember it. Then we put it all together and recited it as a class. We then used this to help us to create our own Owl and the Pussycat poems.
We received a letter from Mr Owl explaining that he had a dilemma and didn’t know what material to use to make a waterproof coat. In Science we set up our own experiment to help Mr Owl find out which material would be best for him to use.

In DT the children finished their car making with Mr Wilson. The children made their own cars and then wired them up with batteries and a switch so that they ran by themselves. We then had a race with the cars in the hall to see which car would be the champion.



Term 5


We had an exciting start to our ‘Nocturnal Animals’ topic this term with a visit from Avon Owls. We had six different species of owl bought into our classroom. The man and the woman told us lots of amazing facts about the owls and we shared some of our own knowledge with them too! After this, we each got a chance to stroke an owl. We had the choice between a European Eagle Owl and a Barn Owl.

We enjoyed reading The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark in English. We used this story to inspire our own writing and wrote in many different styles including a persuasive letter, explanation text and a non-chronological report.

In Science this term we learnt about animals. We learnt about how animals are suited to the habitats they live in. We also learnt about how animals get their food from other animals and plants by creating our own food chains. During our lesson we were asked a question ‘How do owls get rid of the bones and fur from the animals that they eat?’ After a discussion about this question, Miss Sykes showed us some owl pellets. Miss Sykes and Mr Dryden then pulled each of the pellets apart to see what was inside them. We were amazed to find fur, feathers, bones, a skull and even teeth!


Term 6