St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

Year 2

Term 1


We began our ‘Deadly Dinosaurs’ topic with a hunt for fossils in the school field. A few of us were lucky enough to find some! We sketched our fossils and recorded information about them. The next week we went on a trip to the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery for a dinosaur workshop. We learnt lots of amazing facts about the Bristol Dinosaur (Thecodontosaurus), Mary Anning and the diet of a dinosaur.

In English, we enjoyed reading ‘Stone Girl, Bone Girl’. We used this story to inspire our own stories about a palaeontologist. We also began learning about instruction writing and wrote some instructions on how to look after a baby dinosaur.

We had lots of fun in Art experimenting with different techniques. We used clay at the end of term to create our own realistic dinosaur fossils. We did this by pressing a plastic dinosaur into the clay and then using lollypop sticks to make it look old. Then we finished them off by painting over the top of them.