St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

Year 2

Term 1


We began our ‘Deadly Dinosaurs’ topic with a hunt for fossils in the school field. A few of us were lucky enough to find some! We sketched our fossils and recorded information about them. The next week we went on a trip to the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery for a dinosaur workshop. We learnt lots of amazing facts about the Bristol Dinosaur (Thecodontosaurus), Mary Anning and the diet of a dinosaur.

In English, we enjoyed reading ‘Stone Girl, Bone Girl’. We used this story to inspire our own stories about a palaeontologist. We also began learning about instruction writing and wrote some instructions on how to look after a baby dinosaur.

We had lots of fun in Art experimenting with different techniques. We used clay at the end of term to create our own realistic dinosaur fossils. We did this by pressing a plastic dinosaur into the clay and then using lollypop sticks to make it look old. Then we finished them off by painting over the top of them.


Term 2


Party Planners

We had a busy term this term with our Nativity rehearsals as well as our planning for our party.

In Science we learnt about healthy and unhealthy food choices as well as other things we can do in our everyday lives to be healthy. These things included washing our hands properly and making sure we get plenty of exercise.

In DT we had the opportunity to plan and make some party food for our end of term party. We designed and made healthy pizzas and flapjacks which were delicious. We also designed and made party hats for the teachers to wear to our party. We carried out research and then designed and made the hats.

We made our own decorations for our party in Art. We used our story ‘The Princess and the White Bear King’ as inspiration for making wintery themed decorations. We made our own giant snowflakes and our own paper chain too.


Term 3

Fire, Fire!

We have been busy learning all about the Great Fire of London and fire safety. We started the term off by making bread out of salt dough. We didn’t know why but once we started learning about the Great Fire of London they realised it was because the fire had started in a bakery. We also had fun making cardboard houses out of cereal boxes and then setting fire to them. We couldn’t believe how quickly the fire spread!

In English we focussed on writing in a non-fiction style. We produced our own reports of the Great Fire of London and we also wrote a recount of burning the houses.

In Maths we learnt about multiplication, division and fractions. We learnt how we could use pictures and objects to help us with our understanding.

In DT we worked with Mr Wilson to make Stuart style fire engines. We built a wooden frame and painted it so it looked wooden. Then we also glued a water sprayer on top. The next thing to do this term is build a lever so we can pump the water. 

In PE we created the Great Fire through dance. We explored different movement types and experimented with these movements to show how each of the elements would have moved. We split into groups to practice the dance for our assembly.

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Term 4


This term we have been busy learning all about China. We began our topic by making our very own Great Wall of Year 2. We made bricks out of clay and hills out of paper mache and then glued them altogether to make a wall. Once we had learnt about the Great Wall, we wrote facts and put them on our display.

 In our topic lessons we learnt about life in China and Chinese New Year. We used our learning from our topic lessons to write a leaflet about Chinese New Year.  In English, we also created and described our own dragons.

In Computing this term, we continued practicing our typing skills. We also learnt how to use the computers to safely research information about China.


Term 5 

This term our topic was ‘All Creatures Great and Small’. We learnt about different Nocturnal Animals with a particular focus on Owls.

We enjoyed following the story of Plop the baby barn owl in the book The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark. We wrote our own stories based on the book and we also wrote non-fiction reports on barn owls.

We were fortunate, at the end of our topic, to have a visit from North Somerset Bird of Prey centre. We loved seeing all the owls they brought in and we even got to stroke two of them. We were amazed to see how soft the barn owl’s feathers were.

In PE we were preparing for Sports Day- practicing our running, throwing and agility skills. The children thoroughly enjoyed working as part of a team and challenging themselves individually.

Our RE focus in term 5 was Pentecost and Mission. The children retold and shared their learning of this special time as the disciples then received the gifts of the Holy Spirit. The children reflected on how those gifts supported them in their daily lives and how they can share those gifts with others.