St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

Year 2

 Term 1

Year 2 have had a wonderful Term 1 learning all about DINOSAURS! The children were palaeontologists from Day 1 when they discovered that there had been a special find in our school grounds! They dug up several special old dinosaur bones! Next stop was Bristol Museum where the children learnt about Mary Anning and the Bristol dinosaur. They worked in teams to create their very own dinosaur which they drew and then measured on the school playground. They then wrote fact files about their dinosaur. The term concluded with Dinosaur Day – dinosaur cookies, dinosaur footprint measuring, a debate about whether the dinosaurs should return or not and a very friendly real dinosaur visitor! What a super term!

Term 2

During term 2 the children designed a healthy wrap they would like to make. Then they practiced cutting, slicing, chopping, grating and spreading in preparation for making the wrap. The children even visited Lidl with their own shopping list, shopping bag and money to buy all the ingredients. Finally they made the wrap and enjoyed devouring it!

The children learnt how to find the difference. They worked in pairs with cubes, counting on from the smallest tower of cubes to the longest.

At the end of the term the class celebrated with a Christmas party and even invited Magic Mark to come and perform a few tricks. Their favourite trick was the forever multiplying balls!