St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

Year 3

 Term 1



This term our topic has been ‘Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Mountains’.

In English, we used The Iron Man to help us write our own fictional stories. We focussed on the use of adjectives, and past tense to help make our stories come to life. We also used the book The Pebble in My Pocket to create our own non-fictional timelines. We used elements of punctuation such as possessive apostrophes and questions to also make our writing accurate.

In Science, we learnt about rocks. We learnt how to classify different types of rocks. We made chocolate rocks to help us understand how each of the rocks are made and begin to understand the rock cycle.

Our focus in PE this term has been dance. We have used different movements to help us show different natural disasters. We thought about how we could use different levels to make our dances more exciting for our audience. 

In Art, we learnt about artist, Hokusai. We copied his ’34 Views of Mount Fuji’ and then created our own ’30 views of Mount Kilimanjaro’.