St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

Year 3


Term 3


This term we started our Golden Readers challenge. The aim is to read at least 5 times in a week and collect a stamp each time. For every 5 stamps, children can colour in a stripe on their rainbow and earn prizes.

Our topic has been India and we’ve learnt about the different landmarks in India and where people live. We’ve also learnt about the food and different methods of transport. We’re continuing with this topic next term so there’s a lot more to learn.

In science we have been looking at magnets, light and shadow. We investigated magnets and looked at things that were magnetic in the classroom. We also spent a day carrying out an investigation into shadows and how they change depending on how far from light they are.

Our class text was ‘The magician’s Elephant’. The story was a little bit sad but also funny in places and we used it to write our own story based on this by changing characters or animals.



Term 4

We’ve continued with our topic of India which was finished off with a fantastic Indian afternoon organised by parents, family and friends. Children were treated to talks, dance, songs and some delicious food. We shared everything about our learning with the whole school family in our class assembly at the end of term.

Our class text was ‘The Firework Maker’s Daughter’. This was a story about a young girl who dreamed of becoming a firework maker but had to overcome a series of challenges in order to achieve her goal. We also wrote discussion texts about whether or not elephants should be kept in zoos.

The ‘Golden Reader’ challenge is going well and lots of children are now filling in their second rainbows! We also have a great new challenge with two brand new books (one fiction and one non-fiction) being passed around the class. We take it in turns to read the book, respond to it and share it with another person in the class.



Term 5 


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