St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

Year 3

Term 1


This term we learnt all about Volcanoes, Mountains Earthquakes and rocks. We were all very excited about making and erupting our very own volcanoes! We learned about how Volcanoes and mountains are formed, about how earthquakes occur and we have examined and tested the permeability of lots of different rocks.

Our class family text was The Firework Makers Daughter. We made our very own fireworks using different materials our class display.  In English we wrote and presented our own news reports.

In maths, we learnt about place value. We made numbers practically to show the value of each digit, and then represented our numbers in lots of different ways.





Term 2


This term we have been very busy! Our topic was Ancient Egypt which we were very enthusiastic about. We had the chance to visit the Bristol Museum & Art Gallery, and took part in a fascinating workshop. We were even allowed to handle Ancient Egyptian artefacts! After that, we spent time exploring the Egyptian section of the museum.

In English we focussed on including adverbs in our writing. At the end of term we independently wrote our own invented stories using our new skills. In maths we developed our understanding of addition and subtraction and the many mental and written methods we can use to find the answers to difficult sums. We used lots of resources to help us.

In RE we had a very special visit from our new Parish Priest Father James, who taught us all about the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  Our Science focus was forces. We spent time looking at different forces and completed practical activities to help us understand them. Some of these forces were: push, pull, water resistance, air resistance and friction.

We ended our term with a fantastic Christmas party!



Term 3

This term we had a very special Treat! A lady called Maria came in and performed a puppet show of our Core text, Rama and the Demon King! We enjoyed it very much and had the chance to take part in the show. We had fantastic feedback about our behaviour and enthusiasm. Miss Warrington was very proud. We then invented our own ‘defeating the enemy’ stories and used fantastic language to describe our dangerous and terrifying demons. Also, we created beautiful travel brochures using persuasive language to encourage people to visit India.

In maths we have been working on multiplication and division. We have learned how to use arrays to help us multiply and divide. We enjoyed putting these arrays on the Taj Mahal to make them look like its windows, which linked to our topic for the term. We also learned how to multiply a two digit number by a one digit number using the grid method.

Our topic this term was India. We learnt where to find India on a map, the different animals found in the country, the history of its natural and man-made landmarks and much more! We also had the opportunity to make our own Indian elephants out of recycled milk bottles.

This term we have also been improving our musical skills in Samba with Mr Hockey. We have made some fantastic music and we are looking forward to showing the rest of our school family our skills next term. Additionally, we received a visit from the life bus, where we learnt all about our bodies and the jobs our organs do to keep us healthy.

Term 4

This term we had a fantastic five weeks full of fun activities. We continued our topic on India and ended our term with an Indian afternoon.  During the afternoon, the children presented everything they had learned throughout the two terms to parents. The class were also treated to a fantastic performance of a traditional Indian tale. Finally the parents of some of the Indian children cooked delicious traditional recipes for the whole class family to enjoy, it was a treat! Additionally, we spent the morning at Mojo, completing physical activities such as climbing Mount Everest, fixing the water flow in the River Ganges and orienteering.

In Maths we built on our knowledge of fractions.  First we found fractions of shapes, and focussed on recognising that fractions were EQUAL parts of a whole. We then moved on to finding unit fractions and non-unit fractions of a number by using ten frames to help us. We are becoming fantastic mathematicians in Year Three!

Our English text this term was The Iron Man.  We spent time understanding how the main character in the book was feeling at different parts of the story by focussing on what his heart, mind and voice would say. We also made a fantastic display outside our classroom when by bringing in our own homemade models of the Iron Man. Finally, we created newspaper reports that announced the arrival of the terrifying Space-Bat-Angel-Dragon.

On the last week of Term Four we also had the opportunity to perform our Samba routine to the whole school family on the Key Stage Two playground.

Term 5

This term was our busiest one yet! We began the term by having our whole class family Mass with Father James. We worked very hard to create a beautiful mass for our class family members, Father James and our parents to take part in.

In Maths this term, the children focussed on addition and subtraction and finding the perimeter of a shape. The children learned to use the column method, solve missing number problems and estimate numbers by rounding then checking their answers using the inverse operation.

Our main text was Charlotte’s Web. We thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and fell in love with the main character, Wilbur.  Most of our English work was based on this text. We began by writing our own introduction to the story and focussed on painting a picture with our words. We then wrote our own discussions about whether Wilbur should or shouldn’t be killed for pig meat. In English we also wrote our own fact files about the different types of farming. This was because our topic for the term was On the Farm!

We were very excited about our topic and made our own farms out of materials for our home learning. We learned about the different types of farms around the world and even had the chance to interview retired farmers. After this, we created our own farmyard animals that move with compressed air in DT with Mr Wilson. Our topic also included learning about plants. We learned about the functions of each part of a plant, and how plants pollinate. We also grew our own beans and measured them each day.

In RE we learned about the story of Pentecost and the creation of the Catholic Church. We thought about each person’s thoughts and feelings in each part of the story and took freeze frame photos to convey these emotions.

At the end of the term we had the opportunity to share our learning with the whole school and our family in our class family assembly. We worked very hard and rehearsed for weeks and we are very thankful to everyone who supported us. We think the school loved our assembly (especially our parts of a plant rap)!