St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

Year 4

Term 1

This term we have been learning about Italy.

As part of our topic we visited Pizza Express to learn how to make pizza, a traditional Italian dish. We made our own pizzas and took them home to enjoy with our families. They were delicious.

At school, we created a talk for writing sequence for instructions for making pizza and learned it as a class. We wrote the instructions as part of a report all about Pizza!

We have also been learning all about the Italian city of Rome and its famous landmarks. We have created our own travel brochures all about the wonderful city.


Term 2

Roman invasion

What a busy term we have had in year 4! This term we have been learning about the Romans and their invasion of Britain.

We visited the Roman Legion Museum in Caerleon and saw so many interesting artefacts and remains. We also had the chance to experience life as a Roman soldier in the Barracks and the Amphitheatre.

The children have also created some incredible Roman scutums (shields) as part of their home learning and some excellent Roman mosaics in class.

We have been working with Mr Wilson to build moving toys with cam mechanisms. We worked very hard to develop our measuring and sawing skills and learned a lot about cam mechanisms.



Term 3

This term Year 4 became chocolatiers!

We went to MShed to discover more about the chocolate production process and how chocolate played an important part in Bristol’s history. During the workshop, we got to examine artefacts from Bristol’s chocolate factories and even had a chance to mould our own chocolates.

Back at school, we’ve been learning how to divide using the Real Story and the Maths Story. We started off by using counters to share equally in hundreds, tens and ones before moving onto seeing how the real story links with using the bus stop method. Seeing how we share and exchange during the Real Story gave us a brilliant understanding of carrying during the bus stop method!

Term 4

Year 4 visited Mojo Active as part of their Science topic ‘States of Matter’. They learned about water changing state, the fire triangle and they assessed their knowledge during an orienteering activity. It was a brilliant yet muddy morning enjoyed by all of the children.

In English, we studied the book ‘The Lost Happy Endings’. We enjoyed taking part in book talk as well as writing our own versions of well-known fairy tales.

In preparation for Easter, Year 4 visited St Teresa’s to complete the Stations of the Cross with Father James. Together with Archie, Father James lead up through each station which enabled us to reflect on Jesus’ journey. This was echoed in school when we took part in Lenten prayer stations and our Service of Reconciliation. All of these activities supported Year 4’s journey through Lent. During our RE lessons, we researched charities who try to live out Jesus’ mission as well as acting out the events of Holy Week.

Term 5

Our class text in English this term was Mouse, Bird, Snake Wolf. It’s a graphic novel about three children who create new animals in their world, which is very similar to ours, out of natural resources. To help us understand their design process, we thought out the missing creatures from our world and designed them during our English lessons. We then spent an afternoon collecting resources from the school grounds to recreate our drawings.


In Science, we’ve been learning about the digestive system and teeth. We brought our toothbrushes into school to clean our teeth before using disclosing tablets which showed up where we’d missed cleaning the plaque away. While we thought our pink teeth were funny, we also understood how important it is clean our teeth properly as we want to avoid tooth decay and cavities.