St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

Year 4

 Term 1


The children have had a hands on start to Year 4!

We have started the year by learning all about Italy with a particular focus on Rome. To start the topic, the children created a tomato pasta dish to give them a taste of Italy. Over the next few weeks, Year 4 gathered information about the famous landmarks of Rome. Then, they used their research to plan and create travel brochures for a trip to Rome on the Comic Life app.  To round off our topic, we took a trip to Pizza Express to learn how to create the perfect pizza. We brought our pizza back to school and had a picnic lunch in our classroom.

Our class text in Term 1 was Leon and the Place Between. We started off by having a circus themed lesson where we thought about the sights, sounds and smells of a fairground. We then read through the book slowly so to we could take part in reading theatre sessions, art based sessions and acting in role. Using all these sessions, we then wrote a story from the perspective of the rabbit character from the book.

This was on top of African drumming, learning new netball skills, making musical instruments, calculating with column addition and subtraction and studying the artwork of Giacometti.

We had a brilliant first term together, and we’re excited for the next!

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