St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

Year 6

______________________________________________________Term 3

During PE lessons year 6 have been working on their balancing skills and improving their agility using a range of equipment. This has enabled them to work at their own pace and to challenge themselves.

They have already started to use some of their new balancing skills when playing team sports such as basketball and netball.


Term 4

We have been working hard and having lots of fun with our mini-enterprise topic. Each group planned and made a range of products, which were sold on mother’s day and on mini-enterprise day to raise money for our end of year trip.

In PE we have been learning how to play cricket. We improved many of our PE skills including throwing, catching and team playing skills.

In our final week of term 4 we went to St Teresa’s church and prayed the ’Stations of the Cross’ with Father Tom. Taking part in this activity really made us think the sacrifices that Jesus made for us and about our own faith and how we can continue to build on and develop our faith as we grow older.


Term 5

This term year six have worked really hard and shown how much they have learned in their time at primary school whist doing their SATs.

Since SATs we have looked at The Lady of Shalott. The children have spent time thinking about the meaning of this poem and acting it out to help develop a deeper understanding. This work has been used to create some incredible stories.

In science we have enjoyed using our knowledge to investigate how light travels.

______________________________________________________Term 6

This term year six have been busy in Design and Technology.  Their design task was to design and construct a working model of a fairground roundabout which used an arrangement of cogs to alter the speed of revolution and was powered by batteries, had a control switch and was connected to an electric motor.