St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

Year 6

Term 1

This term year six have enjoyed using a range of resources to deepen our understanding in maths. It has helped us to be more confident in our place value which we use in all areas of maths. We were able to use this knowledge of place value to solve challenging problems.

In our topic we have been learning all about our bodies and how to stay fit and healthy. We have investigated how and why our pulse rate changes when we exercise as well as how to measure our pulse rate. We have also worked on becoming more healthy by taking part in a range of sporting activities and choosing foods that don’t contain too much fat and sugar.


Term 2


This Term year 6 have been learning about the explorer Ernest Shackleton. We have used his expedition to the Antarctic as a stimulus in our writing and art lessons. 

Some of our class family also had the opportunity to take part in an event at UWE where we looked at how people live in the polar regions; how the world’s climate is changing and what we can do to slow down climate change; and we also met a real explorer!

In our mini-enterprise topic we have designed, evaluated and made a range of products to sell to raise money for our end of year trip. Before we made our final products we carried out market research to learn more about what our customers would like to buy and how much they were happy to pay for our products.

We learnt many other skills during this topic such as managing money, teamwork and working to a deadline.

Term 3

This term year 6 have been studying World War 1. We have linked all areas of our curriculum to this topic, which has supported us in our learning.

We spent time with MOJO Active learning how to camouflage ourselves and how this helps soldiers in times of war. We also practiced map reading and followed a list of directions to rescue a pilot whose plane had been damaged. During the assault course, we realized how important it was to work together and be fit and healthy in order to succeed in many of the tasks that we do.

We used this understanding of the importance of teamwork to support us in the classroom with our other subjects. In English we spent time sharing our ideas and supporting each other in editing and revising our work. In Maths we worked together to create 3D shapes from nets, which had been cut into several pieces. This involved lots of discussion about the different properties of each shape using the correct mathematical language.

Term 4

This term year 6 have been incredibly busy learning about World War 2 (WW2). We have continued to build on our history skills to carry out research, analyse historical evidence and give and justify our opinions.

To help us experience what life was like during WW2, we had a class trip to STEAM. For the trip, we all dressed up as children from the 1940’s and had a typical 1940’s lunch. We also experienced an air raid, handled artefacts and we were evacuated to the countryside!

In preparation for Easter, year 6 visited St Teresa’s church and spent time with Fr James learning more about the Stations of the Cross. Before our Easter holiday, we also had chance to reflect in school, as a class family, on the journey that Jesus took during Holy Week.

Term 5

Year 6 have been working together to practise some of their maths skills by measuring the angles in an image accurately and by completing an arithmetic challenge. Not only did the children improve their maths skills, but they also had the chance to work on their star learning skills and enjoy the sunshine.

In English the children have been debating whether or not children should complete SATs. They carried out research at home and around school to help them form their own opinions, which were then used to debate the topic. There were many strong opinions for and against SATs.

As part of our topic on Vikings, the children have researched, sketched and created Anglo-Saxon and Viking patterns. They worked together to make clay printing tiles which were then used to create multi layered patterns.

We have also been learning about the past by dissecting Viking coprolites. We were able to discover what the Vikings ate and then we researched why they ate these foods.