St Teresa's Catholic Primary School


There are many adults working in the school and all in differing ways make valuable contributions to the smooth running and well-being of the school and its pupils.


Headteacher  - Mrs Samantha Land

Deputy Headteacher - Mrs Jayne Rawlinson

Acting Key Stage 1/Early Years Leader - Mrs Susannah Winterburn

EYFS/Reception teacher - Miss Sarah Butler

Year 1 teachers - Mrs Susannah Winterburn and Mrs Helen Hales

Year 2 teacher - Miss Amy Sykes 

Year 3 teacher - Miss Ella Curtis 

Year 4 teacher/Key Stage  2 Leader - Miss Gina Booth 

Year 5 teacher - Mrs Katherine Kelleher 

Year 6 teacher - Miss Janet Ellams

ECAR (Every Child a Reader) lead- Mrs Alison Knight

Inclusion and Pupil Support - Mrs Kate Spens 


Learning Support Assistants

Ms Anne-Marie Layet (EYFS/Reception LSA)

Miss Amy Thomas (EYFS/KS1)

Mrs Lisa Scott (KS2 LSA)

Mrs Sarah Thayer (KS1/2 LSA)

Mrs Elaine Bailey (KS1 LSA)

Mrs Catherine Hickman (KS2 LSA)

Mrs Gill Whincup (KS2 LSA)

Mr Tom Osman (PPA cover)

Miss Anna Carter (Apprentice LSA KS1)

Miss Lily Haghigat LSA KS1


Support Staff

Mrs Elizabeth Vaughan – Bursar

Mrs Karen Maddalena - Administrator

Mrs Maeve Hedge - Finance Manager

Mrs Belinda Beese - Admin Assistant



Mrs Sally Coulstring - Caretaker

Mr Alan Coulstring - Caretaker

Mrs Irene Sheridan - Cleaner

Mrs Hargingder Kaur - Cleaner


School Meals Supervisory Assistants:

Ms Helen Mackey

Mrs Joan Frost

Miss Marie Stephens

Mrs Harginder Kaur

Miss Lesley England

Ms Katie McCarthy


Mrs Ranjit Kaur - Cook

Mrs Irene Sheridan - Kitchen Assistant