St Teresa's Catholic Primary School


There are many adults working in the school and all in differing ways make valuable contributions to the smooth running and well-being of the school and its pupils.


Headteacher  - Mrs Samantha Land (Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Deputy Headteacher - Mrs Jayne Rawlinson

Key Stage 1/Early Years Leader - Mrs Jayne Rawlinson

EYFS/Reception teacher - Miss Sarah Butler

Year 1 teachers - Mrs Susannah Winterburn and Mrs Jayne Rawlinson

Year 2 teacher - Miss Amy Sykes 

Year 3 teacher - Miss Bethan Warrington

Year 4 teacher - Miss Meg Ball 

Year 5 teacher - Mrs Katherine Kelleher 

Year 6 teacher/Key Stage 2 Leader  - Miss Janet Ellams

ECAR (Every Child a Reader) lead- Mrs Alison Knight

Inclusion and Pupil Support - Mrs Kate Spens 


Learning Support Assistants

Ms Anne-Marie Layet (EYFS/Reception LSA)

Miss Amy Thomas (EYFS/KS1 LSA)

Mrs Lisa Scott (KS2 LSA)

Mrs Sarah Thayer (KS1/2 LSA)

Mrs Elaine Bailey (KS1 LSA)

Mrs Catherine Hickman (KS2 LSA)

Mrs Gill Whincup (KS2 LSA)

Miss Lily Haghigat (KS1 LSA)

Mrs Sarah Al-Kouraishi - (KS1 LSA)

Ms Katie McCarthy - (KS1 LSA)

Mr Alex Lapinski (Apprentice TA)

Support Staff

Mrs Elizabeth Vaughan – Bursar

Mrs Karen Maddalena - Administrator

Mrs Maeve Hedge - Finance Manager

Mrs Belinda Beese - Admin Assistant


Mrs Sarah Blacklaws - Caretaker

Mr Brian Blacklaws - Caretaker

Mrs Irene Sheridan - Cleaner

Mrs Hargingder Kaur - Cleaner


School Meals Supervisory Assistants:

Ms Helen Mackey

Mrs Joan Frost

Miss Marie Stephens

Mrs Harginder Kaur

Miss Lesley England

Ms Katie McCarthy


Ms Natalie Judd - Cook

Mrs Irene Sheridan - Kitchen Assistant