St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

Home Learning

The pages in this section provide a set of learning activities for children and families to work on together should the school be required to close due to the coronavirus. Teachers have had to assemble these pages at very short notice and have done their best to select content that feels appropriate for the age of the children. It is not expected or intended that children will be able to complete all of the activities independently - they will need the support of their families in place of their teachers and peers. 

Aside from the ideas on each class page, there are a number of suggestions below for more general activities which you can do with your child during any extended period of school closure. We are sure it won't be long before the novelty of being off school is replaced with declarations of boredom - we hope these ideas help.

Please keep re-visiting these pages as they will be updated regularly - the only time this may not happen is if staff become unwell themselves.


We can't stress how important it is to keep children reading during this period. It's not just about reading alone - here's a few ideas:

-Older siblings reading to younger ones

-Family story time

-Book snuggles (cosy up with a book)

-Audio books (sites like Audible are great)

-Read challenging texts to older children (they still like to be read to)

-I read a page / you read a page - share the load

-Act the story out or re-tell it from memory - be brave and bold and daft! Do the voices!

Whatever way you do it, keep books at the heart of your family time!


Discovery Education - Espresso

Espresso's rich, all-in-one learning service offers a wide range of subjects mapped to the curriculum, ensuring delivery of high quality education and appropriate coverage.  There is a wealth of learning for your child from phonics, science, RE to daily current affairs.  Please use the schools login included in your child's home learning packs.


BBC Bitesize Daily

This website will give you access to daily lessons for all year groups.  You can select a lesson by entering the year group you are in or by choosing Primary from the Learn and revise box.


A selection of ideas produced by the people at Pobble - thank you to them.


Maths Shed - Teaching Resources

A series of Powerpoints (designed for teachers) which will guide you through some key concepts and learning for each year group. These are very detailed and will guide any budding teacher through each concept. 

Managing Screen Time

It is really important to manage the amount of time your child spends on a screen during this extended period of school closure.

We recommend making a family agreement (like the one below which can be downloaded) so that everyone is clear about what is expected.

The people at Internet Matters have also produced three separate guides about balancing screen time for children of different ages …

Balancing Screen Time (age 0-5)

Balancing Screen Time (age 5-7)

   Balancing Screen Times (age 7-11)

We hope you find these useful.

Online Storybooks for Younger Children

A selection of 16 classic picture books for younger children to read (and listen to) online. Provided by The Book Trust. 

The Kids Should See This

The Kid Should See This is an unprecedented collection of 4,300+ kid-friendly videos, curated for teachers and parents who want to share smarter, more meaningful media at home. Take a look, there are some really interesting videos that can prompt discussion and conversations with your child.

Blue Peter Badges

There are eight Blue Peter badges available by doing different activities, whilst your child has the time at home why not support them in applying for one, please click on the picture below for further details.  Don't forget to bring your badge in for Celebration Assembly, if you get awarded one!