St Teresa's Catholic Primary School



Music Lessons


We provide keyboard, guitar, drum and singing lessons at the school and children can work towards grades.


Payments from September 2019


Keyboard (Year 2 & KS2)  -  £42 per term

Guitar (KS2)  -  £42 per term

Drums (KS2)  -  £42 per term


Payment must be received in advance to secure a place and a booking form needs to be completed at the start of each 2 term block. You will receive a booking form in June, November and March and will need to confirm that your child/ren wishes to have tuition for the following 2 term block.  By booking a place you are committing to pay for the 2 term block.

Payments should be made online using ParentPay.

We will send you a request for payment at the start of each 2 term block. 


Times of Classes

All music teachers deliver 33 sessions throughout the year and music payments are divided equally throughout the terms.  Teachers aim to provide the same amount of lessons per term, but may in unavoidable circumstances have to make up time in a different term. 

Keyboard, drums, guitar and singing lessons are taught in groups and the lessons run for 20 -30 minutes depending on the number of children in a group.

Classes are usually during school time.  Children in the first sessions may wait in school for a few minutes before their session starts. Children in sessions which start after 3.30 p.m. will need to be taken to the music room at the start of their session and collected promptly at the end of the session by a parent/carer as there will not be any supervision by school staff.

Please note that if you commit to taking music lessons in school time, we are unable to refund lessons if your child is unwell or on a trip.  Class teachers try their best to avoid arranging activities or trips on days when music lessons are held, however, there may be some occasions where this is not possible. 

How to get on the waiting list for music lessons?

If you are interested please let the office know your child's name, class and preferred instrument. 

Lessons start in Year 2 for Keyboard and KS2 (Year 3)  for guitar, drums and singing.

What happens when there is a place for your child?

When there is a place for your child to start music lessons, you will be contacted to see if you would still like the place.  Upon confirmation that lessons are still required, a music tuition agreement letter will be sent to you via your child and you will be required to sign and return the copy letter to the school office.  Upon receipt of this letter , we will arrange a time slot for your child to start music lessons.  The teacher will be informed of this time and you can come to the office/telephone to find out what time slot your child has been given. Payment for the first term must be received with the booking form to secure a place.

Loan/Purchase of Musical Instruments

On your child's first music lesson they will not require an instrument.  If we have a spare instrument available we will lend you this, otherwise your music teacher will advise you of what size instrument your child needs and where you can purchase the instrument from.

Corresponding with your child's music teacher

Your teacher may ask to speak to you direct.  In this case, the school office will contact you to ask if you are happy for us to give him/her your telephone number.

In addition, your child's teacher may send notes home with your child.


A copy of the music tuition agreement letter can be found at the link below:-

Music tuition agreement letter