St Teresa's Catholic Primary School


Parking is an issue at all Schools and we are no different.  

Drop Off in the Mornings

Dropping off in the mornings is slightly easier as you can park on single yellow lines on Luckington Road and surrounding roads before 9am. 

Pick Up in the Afternoons

There is no safe or legal place to park to pick up your child on or around Luckington Road.   Please plan how you will safely pick your child up at 3.20pm.  All children in Reception to Year 4 are expected to be collected by an adult, who you have informed school that they have permission to pick up your child.  Children in Years 5 and 6 may walk home but parents/carers need to have signed permission for this first.

There should be no excuse for cars to be blocking our neighbours’ driveways and right of way, which in turn, has caused problems for us with both our neighbours and Bristol Council.  The road is regularly patrolled by traffic wardens who will issue parking fines and we ask that all our parents help us police this and ring 101 to report any vehicles illegally parked near our school and making it unsafe for our precious children.


The safety of our children is always our number one priority -
Please support us by not parking outside school as this endangers the lives of our pupils.