St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

Our COVID-19 Remote Learning Plan

We hope to keep all children in school, but we are prepared for three scenarios:

  1. All classes are in school, all staff are available, planning for in-school teaching and learning.
  2. A class, Key Stage or the whole school is in lockdown, staff plan for teaching and learning at home.
  3. Most of the children are in school, but some children are absent due to suspected or confirmed Covid-19 in their family.

The third case is the most likely, and the most tricky to manage.  With all our staff working full time to meet the needs of the children in school, we do not have the capacity to offer a full home learning service to healthy individuals who are at home in isolation.

We are using Google Classroom as our learning and communication platform, from Term 2.  All children will be given an account and parents will receive instructions on how to access it.  The extent to which we use the many functions of Google Classroom will change, depending on how many children are at home and how many in school.  We recognise that some of our families will face challenges accessing online learning, and we will support them to the best of our ability.

Where ever a child is ill, we would not expect a child to complete remote learning.

Here is a summary of the way we are developing Google Classroom for each scenario:

Scenario 1 - Children in School

From Term 2 children will be asked to log in to Google Classrooms to complete weekly home learning tasks.  Paper copies will also be available for Term 2

Scenario 2 - Partial or Whole School Lockdown

All home learning will be managed by Google Classroom.  Plans and resources will be adapted by teachers so that they are more easily understood by parents and children, without the need for the teacher to explain.

Teachers will arrange a minimum of one half an hour or two 15 minute recorded ‘lessons’ which will be ‘narrated’ by recording the teacher talking over a presentation, or demonstrating in a video clip. (Core subjects) Please view the provision plan for more detail by year group.

Children will be able to submit their work and receive personal feedback in Google Classroom – children will receive a response once a task has been submitted.  Where specific children need feedback this will be given on an individual basis – to support understanding of misconceptions and to extend learning when they have fully completed the task correctly.

We will not deliver a full daily timetable of recorded lessons.  We will not expect children to sit in front of a screen all day. 

Scenario 3 - Some Children at Home

Teachers will put the resources they are using in school into the Google Classroom so that children at home can use them.  This may include any slides or websites that are displayed on the screen in the classroom and worksheets or other printed resources that are handed out (as appropriate).

Children will be able to access these resources from day 1 (day after we have had notification) of their absence due to awaiting Covid-19 test results or self-isolation. 



Google Classrooms Information Videos

Please click below to view the Google Classroom letter sent home in October 2020 with information on how to log in to Google Classroom.

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Remote Learning Provision Plan by Year Group

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Key Documents and Information

Please see the links below for key documents for parents and carers:

Letter to Parents and Carers - September 2021

This letter was emailed to parents and carers of Y1 - Y6 children on 1 September 2021

Click here to read


What do I do if my child has a cold?

Click here to read the letter sent home 14 Sept 2020

Risk Assessment

Here is our latest Risk Assessment explaining how we are managing Covid-19 on return to school in September 2021

Click here to read

What parents/carers need to know about schools during the Cornonavirus outbreak. 

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Covid-19 A quick guide for parents/carers

School Outbreak Contingency Plan 

What if my child develops Coronavirus symptoms?

You must inform us as quickly as possible and arrange to get a PCR test for your child. You can book a test via the online booking portal:

There are also the option of home-test kits but these could take longer to process. The school has been provided with a very small number (around 10) test kits - these will only be distributed for families in exceptional circumstances where neither of the above options are available. 

What is my child's test is negative?

You child can return to school if they are well enough to do so.

What if my child's test is positive?

NHS Test and Trace will work with you to identify close contacts.  Contacts from the school will only be informed by NHS Test and Trace where the positive case and/or their parents specifically identifies any individual as a close contact. 


Beginning and End of Day Arrangements