St Teresa's Catholic Primary School


In its simplest form, prayer is defined as “talking to God.” It is a personal time of opening our hearts to our Heavenly Father and bringing everything in our hearts to Him. Through the Apostle Paul, God asked us to pray. Prayer can be a powerful force for change in our lives, and the importance of doing it on a daily basis should be instilled in our children.

Communication is the foundation for success in any relationship. When we communicate openly and freely with each other, we learn to know each other as individuals. This principle also applies to our relationship with God. By talking to God, we can learn more about who He is and what plan He has for us.

Please read on to see different examples of prayer at St. Teresa's.


Each year on the 11th November, or the closest date, the whole school joins together for a special Remembrance assembly.  It is a time to spend time in prayer, praying for all those who have died and all families who have been affected by war in the past and present.  The whole school family come together to prayer for peace across the world.  This year, our Year 5 class family wrote reflective poems, with the following being performed to:

Christingle Service

Each year at the end of Term 2, our Year 6 class family lead the whole school in a Christingle service, ahead of our Christmas dinner.

Service in Honour of Mary

During May, the whole school comes together to honour Mary.  the service is led by our Chaplaincy team.

Kintbury Retreat

Each year,  our Year 5 class family spend 3 days away on a residential retreat.  They spend time together as a class family whilst also reflecting on Advent.

Ash Wednesday

The season of Lent begins with a special Ash Wednesday service for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 children in school.
Lent prepares us for and points us towards Easter.  It is a time when we think more about the Word of God and how we put this into action in our own lives. We increase our efforts to help others, particularly those worse off than ourselves, we take more time to pray and we might ‘give things up’ or look to others so that we can help and support those in need.
This year, the focus in school is on journeying through Lent. Children and staff throughout the school have been making Lenten Promises, written on footprints to symbolize
the journey. Lent promises have been focused on how:

  • We can Look to God – When we pray to God, we get to know Him more and become closer to Him. We can tell Him anything that is in our minds. It is also important to listen and hear what He wants to tell us.
  • We can Look to Ourselves - When we think about ourselves and how we behave, we can make good changes that help us get closer to God.
  • We can Look to Others – When we reach out to others and help them, we are doing what Jesus did when He was on earth and so get closer to God.

Stations of the Cross

Each year during Lent, our Key Stage 2 class families each visit either St. Teresa's or St. Vincent's church to take part in praying the Stations of the Cross, led by Fr James.

Lent Prayer Stations

All classes visited the prayer stations and take time out of a busy school day to be still, calm and reflective.  The prayer stations helped the children think about what they could give to others in Lent and they put their ideas in the 'Giving Back Bucket'. They also thought about how Jesus felt in the desert for 40 days and they said prayers for all those suffering in different ways across the world.

International Languages Day Mass

For the first time in 2021/2022, we celebrated International Languages Day with a special mass.  At. St. Teresa's many of our children speak 2 languages.  The mass celebrated us all being the 'People of God - one family'.   As part of this mass we recorded the Our Father being said in different languages.