St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

Charity Work 21/22

Please see below the charity work from this school year, 2021/2022


To support communities across the world that are most affected by the impact of climate change, CAFOD are raising money for ‘life-changing gifts’! £33 will supply a family with fresh clean water, £54 buys a greenhouse for a family to grow vegetables all year round and £150 buys an entire cow!!
To support CAFOD this year, we held a ‘Go Green Day’ on Friday 8th October. Children came into school on that day dressed completely in green, partly in green or splashed with a little green! 

As part of our Harvest celebrations, we collected food donations from across the whole school family and donated this to the North Bristol Foodbank.

North Bristol Foodbank

Johanna and Maisie in Year 5 came to me last term wanting to do something to help others in need and I set them the challenge of researching a charity and to plan how they would raise the money. I am so proud of what they have achieved—the Lucky Dip was a huge success across the school—thank you to all the children for supporting it. The lucky dip raised £101.20. Well done Johanna and Maisie.

Supporting the Homeless

Lizzie’s Soup run have received all of our wonderful donations to the Sockmas Tree. They have been so overwhelmed by your generosity and would like to say a massive thank you for the 92 pairs of socks, 19 pairs
of gloves, 15 hats and 5 scarves!
These were taken out on Saturday, before Christmas, to people who really need some warmth and cheer this time of year.

Eyes of the World (CAFOD)

St. Teresa’s has joined the national campaign to call on the UK government to show leadership at COP26 this year. World leaders gathered in Glasgow last November in a crucial summit on the climate crisis. I spoke to the children in an assembly about how climate change impacts us all especially the most poor in the world and if they wanted to join in this campaign they could. Over 60 children chose to use some of their own lunchtime to get involved with the Eyes of the World campaign run by CAFOD. It is so inspiring to see so many children raising their voices and showing that they want decisive actions for the future.

Emmaus Project

Dress Up Day in Yellow and Blue

Half of the money raised will go to the Emmaus Project which aims to provide clean water for 23 schools in the Masaka District of South-Western Uganda by providing water pumps.
In response to the war in Ukraine, the other half of the money raised will go to the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) to support their Ukraine humanitarian appeal, where the money will go to support people who are fleeing conflict in Ukraine, ensuring they have shelter, food and water.

The second aim of the Emmaus Project is to plant trees to help support sustainable economies in Uganda. Many of the native trees that grew in Uganda were replaced with palm oil trees which has caused serious damage to the environment.
Our Chaplains came up with the idea to make their own tree which we hope will ‘grow’ money.  You can see from the picture, lots of money was grown.

For more information about the Emmaus Project, please click here.