St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

Year 1

 Term 1

 We started the term thinking about how much we have grown and talked about the past, the present and the future. Dee, an elderly visitor came in and told us all about the toys she used to play with when she was young. Some of them were over 70 years old!

We loved reading The Snail and the Whale and writing our own versions of the story.

In science we had fun blindfolding each other and seeing if we could guess different objects using our sense of smell or our sense of touch.

In RE we enjoyed learning about Creation and all the wonders of the world. We are now experts on what God made and what is man-made.

In maths, you can see some of us making two digit numbers with numicon!

Term 2

Year 1 really enjoyed our Starry Night topic that we learnt about last term and we saw some fabulous learning taking place both in the classroom and at home. The term started with a trip to “We the Curious” and the children loved the day out and produced some fantastic recounts.

The children really enjoyed painting in the style of Vin Gogh and we really couldn’t tell the difference between the original and those painted in year one! We have some very talented artists!

In maths we focussed on number and shape. In the pictures you can see some of our year one working hard to create 3D shapes accurately using plasticene.

In English the children became totally absorbed in our class book “Emily Brown and The Thing.” The children loved this book and produced some wonderful writing including some wonderful descriptions. The children are trying hard to use adjectives in their writing.

Term 3 

Year 1 really enjoyed learning all about animals and by the end of the term many of the class were experts and knew all there is to know about Meerkats and told the zookeeper at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm all about them!

The children can now tell you about herbivores and carnivores and different features of animals. They can tell you all about why birds have wings and beaks and what helps a fish live in the sea.

In maths we focussed on number, fractions, position and direction and telling the time.  You can see in the pictures the children were beginning to grasp telling the time to the hour and half past the hour.  

The children created some lovely puppets. They started by practicing their sewing skills and went on to demonstrate their skills with their animal puppets.

In Religious Education, we spent time looking at several parables. The children should know that a parable is a story with a meaning that Jesus told. We focused particularly on The Good Samaritan.

In English the children loved “Meerkat Mail” and enjoyed hearing Sunny the Meerkat’s travelling adventures. They wrote wonderful information texts and also created an “Acrostic” poem for a writing competition.