St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

Year 3

 Term 1

We really enjoyed our trip this term which helped us with our learning about the Iron Age. We went to Stoke Leigh camp, in Leigh Woods to spend a day learning all about Iron Age life. We started the day by making a timeline to help us see where the Iron Age came in History. After that, we split into groups to learn all about different artefacts. We then went on a lovely walk around Stoke Leigh camp and pretended that the other half of the class were enemy invaders! In the afternoon we learnt all about different Iron Age jobs and got to make string, shoot sling shots and spin some yarn.


Term 2

We spent our term learning all about Earthquakes, Mountains and Volcanoes.

In English, we read the book The Pebble in My Pocket and used this to write diary entries. We also wrote our own explanations about how volcanoes explode. We finished the term by writing poetry. We used similes in our poems to help us describe lava.

We made our own volcanoes in Art out of papier mache. We carefully considered how we could mix paint to create a realistic effect on our volcanoes. At the end of term, we got to watch our volcanoes explode and some of us even got to mix the bicarbonate of soda to make them explode.

In Topic, we learnt about tectonic plates and how they can cause physical processes to happen. We also used atlases to located continents and countries that have dangerous volcanoes.