St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

Year 4

 Term 1


We have had a very busy term getting to know our new teachers and becoming used to life ‘upstairs’ in the Junior School. Our topic this term was ‘What is happening to our world?’ and we were learning about climate change and how it is impacting our environment. We discover greenhouse gases are and what cause them. We also learnt how they affect our planet. We linked our topic to our class book ‘One Plastic Bag’ which is a story about Isatou Ceesay and how she recycled plastic bags in The Gambia. We were really inspired by Isatou and we wrote biographies about her life as well as St Ted Talks on climate change and how we need to save our earth.

In Maths, we learned about place value and addition and subtraction. We used the Real Story and the Maths Story to support our understanding our how to carry and exchange numbers when we use column addition or subtraction. We really enjoyed being allowed to draw on the tables to do this!

In Science, our topic was about sound and how we hear. We enjoyed finding out about sound waves, pitch and volume. We also discussed how one member of our class hears sound in a different way. We loved making string telephones to discover how sound can travel solid much more easily than it can through gases.

Term 2

This term our topic was Vive Le France and we spent time learning all about the country of France. In English, we read ‘The Secret of the Night Train’ which is a detective story set on a train travelling across Europe. We created wanted posters and wrote letters and postcards in role as our main character, Max. We also researched famous landmarks of Paris and wrote a Paris Companion to encourage families to visit the city. In DT, we planned, cooked and enjoyed eating crepes. We wanted to make sure our crepes were healthy so we only used fruit as a topping for them.

In Maths, we continued learning about column addition and subtraction and how to use them to solve increasingly complex questions. Then we moved onto thinking about multiplication and we used the Real Story vs the Maths Story to aid our understanding of how to multiply.