St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

Year 6

 Term 1



Term 1 has certainly been busy for year 6!

We have started the year by learning all about the Shackleton and his expeditions to the Antarctic. We have learnt about the different regions of the world, why some places are warmer than others and how wildlife is adapted to different environmental conditions. We also took the opportunity to learn about other world events that were happening at the time of Shackleton’s visit to the Antarctic and the difficulties that would have been faced by the men.

This term we had several trips. We visited the hospital and took part in ‘Restart a Heart’ day, where the children all learned how to prevent someone from choking and how to carry out CPR and we also went to UWE, where we met three fantastic authors who have inspired us to read more. 

Some of our children also took part in Bikability and had the chance to learn the essential skills needed when cycling on the road. All the children showed that they knew how to stay safe on the roads and managed to secure a certificate at either level one or level two.

Term 2

This term Year 6 have worked hard to create products for their mini-enterprise sale. They worked together to produce a wide range of exciting items including: Christmas decorations, sweet cones, cakes, wands and slime which they sold to make money for our end of year trip. As part of this topic, the children developed many of their star learning skills by working together, listening carefully to one another, speaking clearly to persuade others to buy their products and by being independent. They also developed their computing skills by creating engaging PowerPoints to encourage the rest of the school to come to the sale and their writing skills to persuade everyone to attend. The sale was a great success due to the commitment and enthusiasm shown by all the children.


At the end of the term the children thought about the importance of Christmas and made their own Christingles, which they used when they led the whole school in a Christingle service.

Term 3

Term 3 was another busy term for year 6. We started the term with a trip to the Create Centre where we learnt all about keeping safe. We learnt many things including when and how to make an emergency call and how to cross roads safely. Everyone came away with lots of knowledge that will help to keep them safe in the future.


As part of our PE and WW1 topic the children spent a morning at MOJO Active. They learnt how to camouflage themselves and they also practiced their map reading skills. The highlight of the trip was taking part in the assault course where everyone got very wet and muddy.


In our English we used our knowledge from our topic to understand and perform poetry and write our own poems. We also spent time writing in character as a soldier from WW1.

Term 4

In term 4, Year 6 continued with their history topic which focused on WW2. After learning about life during the Second World War, the children went on a trip to STEAM where they were able to experience an air raid and learn what it felt like to be evacuated. They saw lots of artefacts from the war and learnt how propaganda posters were used to share information by the government. In school, we used our knowledge from the trip to create our own WW2 propaganda posters.

This term we also had lots of fun during world book day. We created our own book covers, dressed up as our favourite book characters and took part in a quiz – sharing our knowledge of a wide range of books, not only in English, but also in French.

In RE this term we focussed on Lent, and how we could change ourselves during this special time. We visited St Teresa’s Church to learn more about the Stations of the Cross. We also had an opportunity to ask Fr James questions to further our understanding. In school, we had a reconciliation service which also helped us to reflect on our lives and how we want to live in the future. In the final week of term the Lampedusa Cross came to our school. This gave us another opportunity to reflect on our lives and the lives of others in our world.


Term 5

In term 5 year 6 worked really hard to prepare for their SATs. However there was also time for some fun.

We started our new topic on the Ancient Greeks and carried out research about the Greek gods and patterns used by the Ancient Greeks. The children worked together to make large paintings of some of our favourite Greek gods, and we have used them as inspiration for our writing. We are planning to use the patterns next term to create our own Greek artefacts.

In RE we used our artistic talents to create images that symbolised the Holy Spirit. Once they were all finished we were able to describe the symbolism used in the image and how the Holy Spirit was present in our lives.

After SATs, we enjoyed a trip to Crealy which we helped to pay for using our money from the mini-enterprise sale at Christmas. During our day at Crealy, everyone enjoyed the rides and had lots of fun in the sunshine.