St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

Year 6

 Term 1



This year started with the blessing of our new prayer garden. The children spent time in the garden in prayer and reflection then had the chance to scatter wild flower seeds, which we hope will grow alongside us over the coming year.

This term Year 6 have been thinking about life in the Polar Regions. They have identified where these areas are in the world, why they are so cold and how people live in these extreme conditions. They have also looked at Shackleton, and at the challenges he faced during his expedition to the Antarctic.

In English the children used their knowledge of the frozen world to write poems which created magical images for their readers, and in ICT Garage Band was used to write music about the frozen landscapes that we had studied.

As part of our science learning, the children have looked at how plants and animals are adapted to their environment and used this knowledge to understand why they live in particular parts of the world.

This term, some of our children have also successfully completed their bikeabilty course, helping them to understand how to ride their bicycles safely on the road.