St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

Year 2

 Term 1

Term 1 got off to a fantastic start for Year 2 with a hunt for dinosaur bones in our school grounds.  We found many amazing dinosaur bones! The children thoroughly enjoyed this topic where they found out about the different types of dinosaurs, what they ate, where they roamed and what the theories are for their extinction. A trip to Bristol Museum helped the children deepen their understanding.

The children also enjoyed designing their own dinosaurs and then drawing and measuring them on the school playground.

The topic came to a finale with a visit from a modern day dinosaur during our Dinosaur Day.

Term 2

During term 2 the children designed and made a healthy wrap. They had enormous fun learning the skills of cutting, slicing, chopping, grating and spreading in preparation for making the wrap. The children even visited Lidl with their own shopping list, shopping bag and money to buy all the ingredients. Finally, the children made their wrap and enjoyed devouring it (after they had washed their hands – see below!)

The children also learnt about germs and how easily they can be spread by looking at germs on their hands under an ultra violet light. They then learnt how to be hygienic and wash their hands thoroughly to remove the germs!

The end of Term 2 saw the children perform in our wonderful Nativity ‘Bethlehem is Buzzin!’ All the children thoroughly enjoyed singing all the songs at the top of their voices and acting in their different roles. We were all very proud of you!