St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

The Teaching of Reading @ St. Teresa’s

At St. Teresa’s we believe reading to be one of the most crucial skills in life and a critical part of a child’s education. It is essential for children to be able to access the whole curriculum and will lead to a full education. Reading allows children to improve their language skills by expanding their vocabulary, supporting their use of language structure, and developing their understanding of grammar. Learning to read develops the brain, heightens creativity, develops imagination, and builds self-confidence. As well as ensuring academic success learning to read opens a whole new world for children providing a lifetime of pleasure and enjoyment.


Reading is embedded across the wider school curriculum. Children learn discrete skills in Phonics and Whole Class Reading lessons, and have the opportunity to apply their learning throughout their day.  A range of ambitious, high-quality contemporary and classic texts have been carefully chosen to enrich the teaching and learning in every year group and provides memorable and enriching experiences for our pupils. Our tailored curriculum meets the needs of all learners and follows the aims of the National Curriculum for English 2014. Teachers also ensure that cross curricular links with concurrent topic work are woven into the sequential programme of study.

Content Domain Areas

Whole Class Reading MTP

Home Reading Handbook

Reading at Home
Research shows that children who are read to at home and those who practice reading at home go on to become successful readers. It is therefore essential that parents allow children time to practice reading for a short while every day. Once children prefer to read silently it is still necessary for parents to discuss their child’s reading, ask questions and ensure understanding. All children will be provided with books and a reading journal which will be sent home daily. We require parents to hear their child read and sign in the journal at least five times a week.
School Library
To support all children in developing a love of reading our school library holds many high quality books which children are allowed to borrow.