St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

St Teresa’s Curriculum

The aims of our curriculum to inspire every child to achieve in each subject.

The aim of the curriculum at St Teresa’s is to inspire excellence in all. We want to create resilient, independent life-long learners who have the confidence to take risks. We aim to provide our children with the knowledge and skills that will enable them to make a positive contribution to their community and the wider society. Our enriching curriculum is the fertile soil which provides an array of experiences that allows children to develop their own unique gifts, talents and interests thereby letting their lights shine far.

At St.Teresa’s our children follow a broad and balanced curriculum in accordance with the National Curriculum. We use a framework in collaboration with other local schools, which includes discrete teaching of Learning Skills and Connected Curriculum Units.


The Connected Curriculum is a strong framework through which the connections between subjects are clearly planned for. Each half term themed Learning Units, for each year group, will cover all foundation subjects: History, Geography, D&T, Art, Music and the Core Subject Science with one or two of these subjects being a ‘focus subject’. The ‘focus subject’ of a Learning Unit provides opportunities for our children to ‘get under the skin’ of the skills and deepen their understanding of that subject area. For example, with history as a focus subject it gives our children the opportunity to know and understand what it is to be a historian.


Please see our Curriculum Map for the Connected Curriculum Learning Units for each year group.


At St.Teresa’s we are very committed to developing all our children to becoming successful learners. Please go to ‘Successful Learners’ to find out how we support our children in their learning skills.

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