St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) -Reception Year 

Children in Reception follow the EYFS curriculum which builds on the learning they have begun in pre-school or nursery.  Reception marks the final year of the EYFS curriculum before they begin the national curriculum in Year 1.

Children are born ready, able and eager to learn. They actively reach out to interact with other people, and in the world around them. Development is not an automatic process, however. It depends on each unique child having opportunities to interact in positive relationships and enabling environments.

A Unique Child + Positive Relationships + Enabling Environments

= Learning and Development

In Reception the children learn skills, acquire new knowledge and demonstrate their understanding through seven areas of learning and development.  The areas of learning are split into two categories; Prime and Specific.  The Prime areas of learning help children to develop their skills initially which the Specific areas can be built upon at a later stage.   Whilst the Areas of Learning are separated for the purpose of illustration, it is worth noting that many are interconnected and, within the classroom, teaching will often address the development of more than one area.

 Prime Areas

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

  • Listening, attention & understanding
  • Speaking

Communication and Language

  • Self-regulation
  • Managing self
  • Building relationships

Physical Development

  • Gross motor skills
  • Fine motor skills

Specific Areas

Literacy Development

  • Comprehension
  • Word reading
  • Writing

Mathematical Development

  • Number
  • Numerical patterns

Understanding the World

  • Past and present
  • People, culture and communities
  • The natural world

Expressive Arts and Design

  • Creating with materials
  • Being imaginative and expressive

You can find out more about the current learning taking place in EYFS by visiting our Reception Class Information Page - you can also download copies of the latest Reception Newsletter.

Evidence Me (see your child's learning)

We use an online 'learning journal' called Evidence Me to track the achievements and interests of your child.  EYFS staff regularly update your child's journal and we strongly encourage families to upload their own contributions. 

Click on the icon to read the parental guidance for using Evidence Me.

 The Seven Areas of Learning

To find out more about each of the 7 Areas of Learning, click the button below to take you to a page containing a detailed description.

The Seven Areas of Learning

Teachers make on-going assessments and observations of your child throughout Reception year. At the end of the year, teachers have to make a final judgement about whether your child has reached the 'expected level of development' against each of the 17 Early Learning Goals (ELGs).

The document below describes the assessment system for Reception year and provides more information about the ELGs and how the outcomes will be reported to you.

Assessment in Reception